Past Research

Past Research
  • Suitability of different lignins as polyol replacement in PU adhesive formulation (M. Alinejad and M. Nejad)
  • Isotope ratios determination of formaldehyde emissions, Part A (N. Shivyari and C. Frazier)
  • Understanding the machinability of MDF and HDF (C. Leca, G. Velarde and D. Saloni)
  • Moisture resistance of wood-based composite materials (L. Molina and F. Kamke)
  • Investigating the use of biopolymers for additive manufacturing (C. Verdi, D. Saloni and G. Velarde)
  • Characterizing accelerated weathering conditions (M. Sutfin and F. Kamke)
  • Adhesive challenges with maple and hickory veneer at low moisture levels (C. Wykle and A. Zink-Sharp)
  • Understanding moisture gradients during accelerated weathering through numerical modeling (D. Way, A. Sinha and F. Kamke)
  • MDF fiber quality (M.Tasooji and C. Frazier)
  • Novel adhesives from soybean proteins and biopolymer blends (D. Saloni and G. Velarde)
  • Checking in maple plywood (E. Wilson, S. Leavengood and L. Muszynski)
  • Wood composite performance assessment and certification needs for the Western U.S. (P.F. Laleicke and F. Kamke)
  • Wetting and diffusion associated with selected liquid/wood interfaces (C. Stables, F. Kamke and C. Frazier)
  • Comparison of accelerated weathering test protocols - Part B (L. Molina and F. Kamke)
  • Comparative analysis of different lignins as phenol substitutes (I. Kalami, C. Henry and M. Nejad)
  • Multi-scale accelerated weathering of wood composite materials (D. Way, F. Kamke and A. Sinha)
  • Determination of tool life during CNC machining operations for four panel products (C. Michael, G. Velarde, R. Lemaster)
  • Biogenic formaldehyde emission (G. Wan, C. Frazier)
  • The use of acoustic emission to classify wood chips/particles (L. Edwards, K. Edwards, R. Lemaster and G. Velarde)
  • Multi-scale investigation of adhesive bond durability (P. McKinley, J. Paris, F. Kamke and A. Sinha)
  • Comparison of accelerated weathering test protocols (V. Luna, T. Lasserre and F. Kamke)
  • Analysis of vertical density profile during hot pressing (K. Hazell, G. Schagerl and F.Kamke)
  • Lignin-based polymers with enhanced adhesive and elastomeric properties (D. Packard and Z.G. Li)
  • Bio-based polyamide with oligomeric lignin backbone (J. Staudhammer and Z.G. Li)
  • Organic fillers used in PF resoles (X. Wang and C. Frazier)
  • Numerical simulation of adhesive penetration into realistic wood structures (C. Hammerquist and J. Nairn)
  • Methodologies for ranking resins by their effects on durability of wood composites (B. Mirzaei, J Nairn and A. Sinha)
  • Understanding the differences in bonding characteristics of Douglas-fir and southern yellow pine wood (K. Mirabile, A. Zink-Sharp and S. Renneckar)
  • Adhesion fundamentals in spotted gum (Corymbia sp.) (C. Burch and C. Frazier)
  • Application of accelerated weathering for the development of an NDT product durability assessment toolkit (P.F. Laleicke and F. Kamke)
  • Formaldehyde in tree increment cores (H. Wise and C. Frazier)
  • Fundamentals of formaldehyde detection and emission determination (A. Hellenbrand, B. Cole, D. Gardner, R. Fort, C. Frazier, S. Knowles)
  • Mechanisms of wood-generated formaldehyde emission (G. Wan and C. Frazier)
  • Influence of filler particle size on adhesive penetration and performance (X. Yang and C. Frazier)
  • Formaldehyde determination through liquid extraction (M. Tasooji and C. Frazier)
  • Resin efficiency for non-structural panels (J. Dettmer, N. Lampert, G. Smith and L. Muszynski)
  • Microscale wood adhesive interaction (J. Paris, M. Schwarzkopf, F. Kamke, J. Nairn and L. Muszynski)
  • Developing a reference material for formaldehyde emissions testing (X. Zhao, J. Little, S. Cox and C. Frazier)
  • Preliminary investigation of adhesive bonds using IR microscopy (P.Boehm, S. Freitas and F. Kamke)
  • Impact of short length veneer on bending properties of LVL (S. Mlasko, M. Belda, R. Gupta, F. Kamke)
  • Advancing characterization techniques for structure-property determination of in-situ lignocelluloses (S. Chowhury, C. Frazier)
  • The effect of elevated temperature on mechanical behavior of structural wood and wood-based composites (A. Sinha, R. Gupta and J. Nairn)
  • Examining the lignin glass transition as a method to screen the effectiveness of wood adhesion coupling agents (J. Hosen and C. Frazier)
  • Carboxymethylcellulose acetate butyrate water-dispersions as renewable wood adhesives (J. Paris and C. Frazier)
  • Preparation of labeled isocyanates for wood adhesion research (D. Ren and C. Frazier)
  • Characterization of mixed-mode fracture testing of adhesively bonded wood specimens (E. Nicoli and D. Dillard)
  • New bio-based polymer nanocomposites reinforced with TEMPO-oxidized nanocelluloses (R. Johnson and A. Zink-Sharp)
  • Strand dynamics during the oriented strand composites formation process (S. Perry and S. Shaler)
  • Effect of cellulose nanocrystals on the rheology, curing behavior and fracture performance of phenol-formaldehyde resol resin (J.K. Hong and M. Roman)
  • Photostabilisation of Thermosetting Adhesives (M. Meisner and P. Evans)
  • Characterization of Wood Resin-Adhesive Spray (X. Zhang and D. Gardner)
  • Simulation modeling for manufacture of wood fiber thermoplastic composites (J.N. Lee and D. Hindman)
  • Mechanical analysis of a moisture-cure polyurethane adhesive: dynamic bending versus oscillatory torsion (C. Heinemann)
  • Effects of fungal attack on properties of connections between composite sheathing and studs in wood shear walls (N. Melencion and J. Morrell)
  • Nanoscale Surface Modification of Wood Veneers for Adhesion (Z. Yu and S. Renneckar)
  • DMA Analysis of Solvent Swollen Balsa Wood (J. Hosen and S. Renneckar)
  • Non-destructive evaluation of veneer for use in laminated veneer lumber (LVL) using machine vision and ultrasonic stress wave analysis systems (D. DeVallance and J. Funck)
  • Multi-scale characterization of wood-thermoplastic composite materials (Y. Wang and L. Muszynski)
  • Effect of adhesive on bond durability and associated smoke toxicity for EWP under high temperatures (S. Shi)
  • Defining moisture and temperature limits for decay in wood-based composites for use in developing service-life model (S. Shi)
  • Applying micro-nano scratch/indentation method to characterize the interfacial bonding shear strength (IBSS) for wood composites and wood-polymer composites (M. Barnes and S. Shi)
  • Cellulose fibrils reinforced polymer composites (W. Tze)
  • Parallel-plate rheology of polyurethane adhesives in contact with wood (C. Heinemann)
  • Polyelectrolytes as adhesives (S. Renneckar)
  • Wood/adhesive interactions in a PVAc Latex System (C. Frazier and F.Lopez-Suevos)
  • Analysis of structural composite lumber loaded by dowels in perpendicular to grain orientation at yield and capacity (D. Finkenbinder and D. Hindman)
  • Coupling model analysis of stress relaxation behavior in Yellow-poplar/HMR system. (N. Sun)
  • Hybrid thermosetting wood adhesives: optimized performance through tailored emulsions. (D. Riedlinger)
  • Investigation of Tg as a measure of cure in wood/pMDI systems. (N. Sun)
  • Characterization of PF resol/isocyanate hybrid adhesives (D. Riedlinger)
  • Using fire-killed trees for wood-based composites (L. Moya and S. Ramaswamy)
  • Comparison of Shear Modulus Test Methods (S.K. Harrison and D. Hindman)
  • The Influence of Phenolic Additives of PVAc Latex Adhesive Performance (F. Lopez Suevos)
  • Improved Interfacial Adhesion in Wood-Plastice Composites: Developments of New Compatibilizers (C. Zhang and K. Li)
  • A Preliminary Investigation Of The Properties of Engineered Wood Composite Panels Treated With Copper Naphthenate (J. Kirkpatrick & M. Barnes)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of the Interphase Morphology of Wood-polymeric Isocyanate Bond-lines (S. Das)
  • WBC Sim (hot pressing model) (J. Lee,J. Shu and L. Watson)
  • Natural Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites from the Wetlay Process (R. Johnson)
  • Effect of Grain Direction on the Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Wood (S. Das)
  • Cure Characterization of a Phenol-formaldehyde Adhesive (B. Scott)
  • Dielectric Characterization of Phenol-formaldehyde Cure (B. Scott)
  • Hydro-thermal Stabilization of Wood-based Materials (M. Reynolds)
  • Effects of Moisture Cycling on the Shear Strength Properties of OSB (N. Deringer)
  • Changes in OSB Mat Permeability During Hot-pressing (J. Hood)
  • Modification of Wood Fiber with Thermoplastics by Raxtive Steam-Explosion Processing (S. Renneckar)
  • An Investigation of Nail Connection Performance in a Cyclic-humidity Conditioned Environment (J. Smith)
  • Incentives/Barriers to the Increased Utilization of Wood-Based Structural Panels in Industrial Markets (D. Gilbert, D. Bailey, P. Duvall)
  • Infrared Microscopy and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Analysis of Polyolefin Modified Wood Fibers (S. Renneckar)
  • Investigating the Surface Energy and Bond Performance of Compression Densified Wood (J. Jennings)
  • Self-assembly of Pullulan Abietate (S. Gradwell)
  • Studies of PF Resole / Isocyanate Hybrid Adhesives (J. Zheng)
  • Molecular Aspects of Performance in Crosslinking PVA Latex Adhesives (N. Brown)
  • Rheology of Powdered Phenol Formaldehyde Adhesives (D. Riedlinger)
  • Developing the Basis for Capacity Design of Connections (J. Smart)
  • Investigation of the Wood / Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive Interphase Morphology (M. Laborie)
  • Wood Magic in a Distance Education Format (C. Pugh)
  • Comparative Analysis of Inactivated Wood Surfaces (M. Sernek)
  • Characterizing the Durability of PF and pMDI Adhesives Through Fracture Testing (C. Scoville)
  • Mechanism of Flake Drying and Its Correlation to Quality (E. Deomano)
  • Improvements in the Fracture Cleavage Testing of Adhesively-Bonded Wood (J. Gagliano)
  • Modeling the Transient Effects during the Hot-Pressing of Wood-Based Composites (B. Zombori)
  • Feasibility of Implementing a Resin Distribution Measurement System for MDF Fiber (K. Scott)
  • Public Perceptions of the U.S. Forest Products Industry (P. Uhrig)
  • Wood Material Behavior in Severe Environments (C. Lenth)
  • Analysis of Calcutta Bamboo for Structural Composite Materials (M. Ahmad)
  • Analysis and Testing of a Ready-to-Assemble Wood Framing System (V. Kochkin)
  • The Wood Species Dependence of pMDI Adhesive Performance (M. Malmberg)

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