Current Research

Current Research

These are the Projects currently in progress at our sites. For more information about the projects please contact us at
  • Developing methodology to interrogate high/low density wood bonds | D. Dillard, S. Case and C. Frazier

  • Carbon isotope ratios: Novel view of formaldehyde emissions | C. Frazier

  • Fundamentals in resole formulation | C. Frazier

  • Understanding elevated temperature performance of wood composites | A.Sinha

  • Using crack growth experiments to understand moisture and thermal durability of WBCs | A. Sinha and J. Nairn

  • Wood thermochemistry | C. Frazier

  • Geometry and mechanics of panel warpage | J. Loferski and J. Hanna

  • Elucidating the mechanism of CNF reinforcement in wood adhesives and composites | J. Simonsen and J. Nairn

  • Analysis of adhesive atomization on composite bond performance | F. Kamke

  • Effect of nanofibrillated cellulose (CNF) at the wood-based matrix/resin interface | S. Peresin and B. Via

  • Mass plywood panels: Performance, design and application | F. Kamke and A. Sinha

  • Bench-Scale Screening Test for ASTM E119 | S. Case and B. Lattimer

  • Repeatable measurement method for percent wood failure | F. Kamke and L. Muszynski

  • In-depth characterization of bondlines in CLT made with preservative-treated lumber | G. Presley and J.Cappellazzi

  • Preliminary investigation of DMDHEU-treated strand board | F. Kamke and G. Presley

  • Wax migration | C. Frazier

  • Improving durability of wood products by reducing lignin degradation | M. Nejad

  • Evaluating suitability of steam-explosion lignin for different polymeric resin applications | M. Nejad

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Next WBC Short Course

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  • Wood Structure
  • Wood/Water Relationships
  • Applied Statistics/Data Analysis
  • Wood Adhesion Science & Technology
  • Strand-based Composite Manufacturing
  • Practical Wood Adhesive Technology
  • Structural Plywood & Veneer Based Composite Manu.